Dangerous Legislation Is Passing Under Fred Girod.

Please print out and sign this petition if you live in Girod’s district.

You can view a map of the district here.

To check your address to see if you are in Senate District 9, enter your address here.

You must print the petition on plain white paper. You will see that there are two places to sign the petition. Please sign in both places.

When you have signed in both places with your printed name and address, please return the completed petition to :

Walk Away
PO Box 556
Canby OR 97013

And please consider any support you can give by donating. You can make your check out to “Take A Walk” and return it with your petition.

Please note, donations to political action committees qualify for a credit on your Oregon tax returns of up to $50.00 for persons who file alone or $100.00 for couples who file jointly. If you donate more than $100.00 the Secretary of State requires that you provide your occupation, employer and employer’s city if you are employed. If you are not employed you may simply note that you are not employed. Thank you.


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