Oregon Cannot Survive Fred Girod

Voters elected Fred Girod to stand up to the extreme left wing agenda. But now Girod is supporting that agenda.

Extreme gun control, radical environmentalism, socialized medicine, attacks on our police and more. These are racing through our legislature because Girod will not stand up to the Democrats and use the tools he has to stop them. 

Should gun owners go to prison for being at the airport? Should you be charged with a crime for owning a “rope with a loop at the end?” Do we really need a law banning slavery (which is really a “get out of working in prison” law)?

Should Oregon guarantee free medical care for all with no way to pay for it but your taxes? Should our schools have NO educational standards?

All of these dangerous measures are flying through the legislature because Girod not only allows the radical left to run amok, he helps them! Time after time, Girod requests that the Senate NOT read bills so they can be voted on and passed even faster!

Girod has divided his caucus. Two Republican Senators have even left the caucus and become independents.

In the last legislative session, under real leadership, the Senate Republicans stopped the worst of the left’s dangerous plans. But Fred Girod refuses to lead, and even though 6 brave Senators have stood up for your rights, Girod has convinced the rest to stay behind and lose. Could it all be about the money?

We are not alone in seeing the destruction being done by Girod’s failures.

Oregon cannot survive any more of this kind of “leadership”. Please help us recall Girod and replace him with someone who stands for you.

Please download and sign the petition to replace turncoat Fred Girod. You can view and download the petition here.